Brands are cultural accessories. They are personal and powerful symbols of people's identity, beliefs, aspirations and life experiences. As people's values shift, their lifestyles take unconventional turns and exciting new cultures are born. With cultural change comes the desire for new lifestyle accessories, and brands are often challenged to react and remain meaningful as well as relevant during these fast-changing times.

Project 2050 helps to reinforce and create brand connections between today's ever growing, diverse consumer market(s) and brands looking to build loyalty and iconic status.


Like the general population, Project 2050 is made up of a diverse group of people with wide ranging experiences, backgrounds, and proven expertise. This convergence of talent makes us unique in the industry and extremely valuable to our clients.

We believe that "safe" is boring. Project 2050's approach and creativity is fearless. We connect brands to cultural movements. We not only challenge ourselves, but also our clients, the industry, and the status quo every day with a fresh perspective, while having fun through it all.



We are fortunate to have some of today's most creative minds at Project 2050. They have established reputations in TV Production, Art, Fashion Design, Graphic Illustration and Product Design.

Brand Identity

Every brand has a unique story, and a unique consumer experience built over time through clear and consistent communication at every touch point – from the company logo to the website to the office environment. Our team will guide you through our brand identity process; from distilling brand strategy and brand research to defining brand attributes. We've created a clear process that accommodates you at any stage whether you're improving an existing brand or creating a brand from zero.

Branded Content
Mesh Productions

Project 2050 understands clearly the rapid changes and challenges posed to traditional media outlets. With MESH Productions we develop programming assets that utilize HD, WAP and WIFI technologies. We saw the future in the broadband and wireless markets, and are well positioned to provide solutions that fit those needs, as well as the needs of traditional cable, in-store programming, digital and main-thrust networks. MESH Production's seamless innovative method has proven to generate immediate, dramatic spikes in product sales.

Custom Publishing

Project 2050 Custom Publishing specializes in producing highly customized advertising supplement solutions that drive results. Our custom publishing programs fall into several categories:

1. Strategy consultation
2. Outline development
3. Design development
4. Copy editing
5. Fact checking


Interactive is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools to reach the young demographic. Project 2050 has the technical capabilities to develop a wide range of interactive projects, from mobile applications to experience oriented websites.

Public Relations

Project 2050 designs and delivers successful public relations programs to meet client's specific communications goals. We develop strategies which are results driven, increasing brand's visibility to positively affect the bottom-line. We offer a full range of communications services that address your entire communications needs for all industries, including: Consumer Goods, Technology, Fashion, Sports & Entertainment, Events, Corporate Communications, and Crisis Management.

Product Development

At Project 2050, we believe strongly in Product Development. As consumers' needs and tastes continue to evolve, we help brands address these changes in an efficient manner by creating specialty and limited edition products and services.


Reaching active, trendsetting consumers through traditional marketing tactics approaches has serious limitations. At Project 2050, we overcome these limitations with a proprietary research and consumer insights methodology we have coined S.E.E.™

People make decisions and take action based on three primary factors: their intellect, emotions, and instincts. S.E.E.™ taps into each of these factors to produce a unique "persuasion pathway" to a person's desires, wants and needs.

Instinct - seduce (Gut)
Intellect - engage (Mind)
Emotion - entertain (Heart)

Every Project 2050 marketing effort uses S.E.E™ to Seduce and Engage and Entertain consumers as they learn, interact and participate with a brand.

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