Def Jam RapStar TV Spot

Hip-hop – once an underground movement in New York City is now the heartbeat of global pop culture.  Its audience appeals to a broad audience that includes a diverse range of ages, races and types.

So, when the folks at Def Jam, one of hip-hop's most iconic record labels partnered with 4mm Games to launch Def Jam Rapstar, the world's premiere hip-hop inspired video game, they hired Project 2050 to develop their first 360-degree ad campaign.


The assignment was to create a campaign across TV, digital, print, OOH and radio that would both tip our hat to the core consumer and speak to the new faces of "hip hop generation" – from a skater kid in the Bronx to a computer programmer in Japan; from Kanye West  to a punk kid in London.  We brought in Anthony Mandler, one of the most respected hip-hop directors in the game to help bring our vision to life.

The game released on October 5th and sold out within the first day.  Wow. We'd like to think the ad campaign had a little to do with it.

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