20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox tapped into the qualitative research strengths of Project 2050 to understand why today's young people don't go to the movie theaters on the scale of generations before them. How could the movie industry do a better job of steering them away from the numerous entertainment outlets that were now available to them: video games, cable/satellite TV channels, music downloading, and more? What marketing, advertising and promotions could re-ignite interest in movie going? To get to the bottom of it, Project 2050 tapped into the views and opinions of our agency's "Influencers Network" – trendsetters and early adopters. We conducted discovery sessions with selected individuals in 5 cities across the U.S.

We uncovered that young people still loved movies and were quite intrigued by the art and craft of moviemaking. But, in an age where time is a luxury, they preferred entertainment options that were convenient, immediate and did not disrupt their schedule. Tivo, DVRs, iPods, Playstation PSPs, and NetFlix were all credited for being more appealing in these ways.

Project 2050 identified opportunities for 20th Century Fox to rethink distribution tactics for their film product and brand communications. We advised them to explore the use of new technology and alternative mediums to understand and utilize their customer's ideals of convenience and control.

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