Well, no one here at Project 2050 was surprised when the folks at Givaudan, the world's leading fragrance and flavors lab called to ask if we could work our magic to help them gain a deeper understand the Gen Y consumer.

Once again we were given the challenge of breathing new life into a category with a long history and some tough preconceived notions to overcome. We designed "Decoding Gen Y", a unique qualitative research project that traveled from New York to LA and Miami, interviewing twenty-seven influencers and entrepreneurs across fashion, music, film and art – we conducted video interviews and "deep dive" ethnographies of their lives – probed their perceptions on a broad range of topics – all with the objectives of providing new insights into Gen Y's relationship with fragrance, uncovering Gen Y's truths, identifying "need states" and finding better communication with Gen Y.

We screened a 30-minute documentary uncovering the "best of the best" actionable insights and received rave reviews from the client.  We like to think we brought some innovative, useful ideas to the table to help them "change the fragrance game".