Jarritos Latino

Jarritos wanted a better understanding of Mexican-American teens, to help define how to best position their Mexican soft drink brand for Latino youth in their Los Angeles test market. How familiar were these young people with the brand? What did they think of it? And most importantly, would they drink it? Jarritos looked to Project 2050 to ask these strategic questions and to uncover answers. The agency collaborated on the creation of a Teen Advisory panel in Los Angeles to conduct qualitative research aimed at "getting to know teens" by exploring their cultural upbringing, family life, personal interests, soft drink preferences, and their awareness and perception of the Jarritos brand.

There was no question that these teens were familiar with the brand. Although Jarritos was strongly recognized as being a Mexican brand, it was seen as too traditional and was "what my parents drink." American soft drink brands were considered much more youthful and cool. Project 2050 saw the opportunity for Jarritos to tap into youth's appreciation for "cultural mixing" and show their brand understood the world of Mexican-American teens.

Project 2050 recommended that Jarritos take on a more humorous tone, and challenge perceptions that the brand was too traditional. We positioned the brand around the values of re-invention, variety and irreverence, which led us to the "What The Fruit" campaign concept. We wanted teens that came across Jarritos' "What The Fruit" message to notice it as amusing and also a bit perplexing. The campaign became rooted in imagery that "remixed" Mexican cultural traditional with modern American pop culture references in a non-conventional way.

The campaign included teaser print ads introducing the What The Fruit Website, billboards, posters, bus shelter ads, the "Jarritos Hummer Tour" grassroots initiative – a branded H2 that made stops at local teen hangouts, and scholastic marketing that involved special "Jarritos Hummer Tour" stops at events hosted by high schools that partnered with the Jarritos brand. During the campaign, the brand via the "Jarritos Hummer Tour" received 19,000 unique Mexican teen impressions within the Los Angeles test market and 3,000 hits per month on www.whatthefruit.net.

Jarritos Latino/Campaign Summary