New Era partnered with Project 2050 to develop an overarching brand campaign uniting their Urban, Women's, Action-Sports, Kid's, College, Suburban, and International sub-brands. While doing brand research, our agency was inspired by the eclectic group of New Era Cap wearers we were introduced to, each from different walks of life and wearing their cap in different ways.

Traditionally, the star of the New Era's advertising campaigns had been the cap. Project 2050 sensed that there was something special about the New Era consumer and created the New Era Headwear Campaign using the customer as the Star. The brand stood for something more than just a cap. It was a way of life, an identity.

The object behind the campaign was to make it more meaningful than producing just a few print ads. The campaign itself would be a call to action. It would be an invitation to New Era Cap wearers to come out and show the world how they sport their cap. And at the same time, we took a look at what makes them part of the New Era Generation.

We produced photo shoots hosted at New Era retail locations, which was promoted using PR outreach and handout flyers. The customers were then encouraged to upload to the online website,, their photos taken at the photo shoots. The collected photos became the foundation of the campaign, and were used in creative ways in print executions and online, across three phases:
• Phase 1: launch of a teaser ad introducing the new "Are You Part Of The New Era" tagline
• Phase 2: introduction of the signature "mosaic" style highlighting the New Era brand icon "the flag" in its print advertising and at
• Phase 3: continued use of the "mosaic" style showcasing individual cap wearers in print advertising.

Photo shoots held at New Era's retail locations increased shopping traffic and in-store sales. To date thousands of New Era Cap wearers have submitted photos. Print advertising was placed in Complex, Vibe, Dime, XXL, Accelaterator and numerous other domestic and international publications. The campaign has also been well received by the industry with features in Brandweek, PR Week and Adweek.

Are you part of the New Era? Project 2050 is.

New Era/Headwear Print Campaign 1

Headwear Print Campaign 1