Virgin MegaStore

Project 2050 was Virgin Megastore's Agency of Record. Our company developed positioning strategies that helped the brand evolve from a music retailer into an epicenter of "Retail-tainment".

What is Retail-tainment?

The Virgin Megastore brand now defines the shopping experience for young customers on the prowl for the latest fashions, games, books, electronics, music, and movies. Virgin Megastore is much more than a record store; it has become the curator of cool – offering a complete entertainment experience that's a step ahead of what's happening in pop culture.

The Project 2050 repositioning initiative involved a complete redesign of their overall brand identity (including their corporate logo), updating their Times Square and Hollywood & Highland retail store interiors, and an overhaul of the in-store signage for all ongoing seasonal and holiday campaigns.

Project 2050 also helped launch Virgin Megastore's first-ever VIP Customer Loyalty program and conducted interactive research sessions examining insights surrounding the Los Angeles and San Francisco stores.

Project 2050 identified and commissioned various up-and-coming artists to submit designs reflecting their creative interpretations of the Virgin Megastore ever-popular $10 Sale. To kick off the campaign, Project 2050 showcased three of these young artist's works at an exclusive gallery reception at Virgin Megastore's Union Square location in New York City.

As a result of this major repositioning effort, the majority of products sold are now non-music items. And when their major competitors were closing their doors, Virgin Megastore experienced a 12% increase in sales.

Virgin Megastore Brand Identity/Old & New Logos

Virgin Megastore Old/New Logos